About North City Cooperative Preschool

For over 50 years, North City Cooperative Preschool has been nurturing toddlers and preschoolers, offering play based classes tailored to the learning needs of young children, while their parents take an active role in their education.

Class curriculum focuses on discovery and exploration of art, music, science, and physical education while respecting the growth of each child. Children have the opportunity to explore two themed rooms and a play yard, and also help care for our turtle and guinea pigs .

NCCP is a strong and vibrant community. Many families build supportive friendships that last for a lifetime. Parents enjoy parent education discussion groups and are exposed to a variety of parenting techniques and choices.

Classroom Activities

NCCP has two classrooms and an outdoor play yard. Children are exposed to a variety of opportunities and activities to enrich their play, motor skills, language, self-esteem, and discovery. At first glance, what appears to be a fun place for kids to play is actually, a well thought out environment designed for your child’s optimal development. Your child will find:

Table toys: Construction toys, trains, cars, animals, people, necklaces, blocks, and other similar toys encourage listening and memory, visual perception, causality, ability to complete task, small muscle growth, imagination, recreation of experiences, and language development.

Creative Arts: Projects that encourage self-expression, imagination, experimentation with color, shape, and texture, and increased dexterity through the use of easels and finger paints, crayons, collages, scissors, and similar art supplies. When you are responsible for preparing an art project, remember that the process is more important than the product. Try providing interesting combinations of media such as paints and glitter, colored glue and collage materials, wallpaper and ink stamps, watercolors, and sandpaper. If appropriate for your age group, leave the shelves open and help children carry their choices to the table.

Sensory Play: Clay, play dough, sand, water, flax seed box, and other similar items encourage self-expression, outlet of tension, dexterity, and creativity.

Music: Songs, dance, rhythms, instruments and other similar activities encourage awareness of sounds, tone, and melody, vocabulary, speech, and body response to rhythms and mood.

Storytelling and Conversation: Books, pictures, puppets, and group discussions encourage attention to words, visualization and listening skills, and confidence in speaking up.

Snacks: Cooking, slicing, mixing, and eating together encourage sharing new food experiences among friends and awareness of amounts and measures.

Carpentry: Saws, hammers, paint, drills, glue, wrenches, pipes and other similar tools encourage hand-eye coordination, small and large muscle coordination, release of tension, sense of accomplishment, and creativity.

Dramatic Play: Dolls, toys, dress-up clothes and other similar toys encourage imagination, acting out feelings, language development, and parallel or cooperative play.

Science and Animals: Books, picture puzzles, and other similar toys, along with our guinea pigs, turtle, and fish encourage listening and memory, visual perception, animal care, ability to complete tasks, small muscle growth, and causality.

Outdoor Play Yard: We have a designated play yard which includes swings, natural balance beams, a slide, and plenty of room to explore the outdoors.

We are affiliated with Shoreline Community College  Shoreline Community College