“NCCP teaches social, problem solving, learning and leadership skills through play that will put our girls in a fantastic place when they start kindergarten.” Erin, mom of two Super Heroes

How does a co-op preschool work?

A co-op preschool offers a unique educational experience consisting of a child-centered preschool setting with adult-centered lectures and discussion groups. In the preschool classrooms, parents become active partners in their children’s education.  Your child will attend a class from one to three days a week, depending on their class and age.

On one of the days your child attends, you will also attend and participate in the hands-on learning environment of the classroom as well as a Parent Education session. On that day, you will be considered a “working” member and be the representative for your “work” group which consists of 3-4 members who alternate days throughout the week. Should you be unable to attend your “work” day, you will need to find another member who can take your place for that day.

Because being a caregiver at a Coop Preschool means being a part “owner” of the preschool, members equally share the work of maintaining the preschool, fundraising, attending meetings and participating by serving on committees.

“I love being able to talk with and get advice from other parents on a weekly basis. I know have made lasting friendships” Amanda, mom to a Busy One

“We have attended North City for 3 years now. My daughter has gained invaluable social and problem solving skills from the interactions with her peers.” Andy, dad to a Super Hero

“NCCP is a true co-operative; the teachers and parents are deeply involved in creating and maintaining this environment where our children can learn and socialize through a supportive, welcoming and playful environment.” -Alex, Dad of a Rising Star