Night Owls

Teacher: Lesley

Days/time: Thursdays 6:30-8:15 PM

Ages: 1-4 years

Class size: 12

Cost: $55/ month + One time fees (Registration, cleaning and SCC fee)

*Please note First months tuition and Registration fees are due 1 week after registration. The cleaning and SCC fees are due before the start of class.

In-Class Experience:

Night Owls meets once a week. Both the caregiver and the child attend together. It’s Thursday evening and time to come out at play! With a mixed age group we take advantage of this special opportunity of working together. The older children help teach and care for the younger children as they participate with delight. A wide array of ever changing activities awaits these children. Some children begin their play based thinking with painting, climbing, molding clay, or experimenting in the seed box by dumping, pouring and squishing in delight. Their interests may take them to discover what is new in the sensory box or maybe it’s time to create an art project with interesting materials. Perhaps they want to meet around the train table or block area for some serious building. Still others may choose a quiet moment in the play house with the babies, observe or pet one of our friendly animals or sit on a cozy cushion with a parent ready to read a book. Your Night Owl will have plenty of opportunities to play, enrich our senses, make friends and develop social skills.

In what seems like too short a time, the strains of “The Entertainer” are heard over the speakers. That music, the children soon learn, means clean up time. All the adults find clean up jobs for the children and soon everyone is busy picking up, putting away and scrubbing. In ten minutes the whole school is clean.

Group activities occur at circle with teacher Lesley for those who want to join in active songs, finger plays, dancing with scarves or other props. There is always time to include children’s favorite circle time activities and a book or two. Our evening ends with the it’s time for our going home song, “Preschool is over, we had lots of fun. Now it’s time for going home so ‘Good-bye’ everyone!” The children give Lesley a BIG HUG or a wave good-bye; put on their coats and gather their art projects and other belongings. After all those activities, a lot of energy has been expended and your Night Owl will tend to be tired and ready for a good night’s sleep!

Course Description:

This course is designed for parents and children between 1 to 4 years of age.  The course format includes weekly parent education discussions and classroom experiences designed to explore, learn and practice relevant early childhood development research.  Areas of discussion will include temperament, challenging behaviors, literacy, support structures for families and positive discipline.

Course Requirements:

Parent Education 174 is a two credit course.  Students must attend preschool each week and a parent education evening session once a quarter.  Please notify the instructor or parent coordinator if you are going to be absent from class.  All evening parent education seminars are required.  If for some reason you are absent from any of the evening seminars, there are a variety of ways you can make them up.  Please refer to your NCCP handbook for details on make-up sessions.  Students are expected to participate in the weekly discussion groups as well as perform duties required to ensure a safe and enriching preschool.

Student (Parent) Learning Objectives:

To identify topics of concern for parents of young children and explore appropriate options.

To participate in discussions where class members express a variety of viewpoints.

To discuss and understand normal development of one to four year old children.

To establish, maintain and supervise a safe and stimulating environment that fosters appropriate play.

To explore current relevant research as it applies to young children.